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Discover Kaş! Enjoy an unforgettable holiday with EasyTatil with boat rental, villa, bungalow and glamping options. Enjoy nature and the sea!

Kaş, the magnificent meeting point of history and nature, integrated with the stunning nature of Antalya, invites you to a fascinating adventure. With its unique beaches, clear waters and historical texture, Kaş will completely change your understanding of holiday.

Enjoy Freedom at Sea with EasyTatil

The most enjoyable way to discover the unique coasts of Kaş and the surrounding islands is possible with the boat rental services offered by EasyTatil. You can choose your own route and enjoy the deep blue waters while sailing freely in the blue. Ideal for those with sailing experience, boat rental options promise an unforgettable sea adventure.

A Peaceful Accommodation in the Comfort of Villa and Bungalow

Villas and bungalows harmoniously positioned with the unique view of Kaş are no longer a dream with EasyTatil. You can have a peaceful accommodation experience in nature, where you can cool off in your own private pool. You can have unforgettable moments with your loved ones with the large area and private garden facilities offered by the villas. Bungalows offer an ideal option for those who want a peaceful holiday surrounded by nature.

Discover All the Advantages of Holiday in Kaş with EasyTatil

To discover the unique beauties of Kaş, EasyTatil offers you the most suitable accommodation and activity options. Get ready for an experience that will make your holiday unforgettable, with options such as boat rental, villas, bungalows and glamping. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the fascinating atmosphere of Kaş with EasyTatil!

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